How I Found Out Pt2

Moral to the story: Whether you are currently a parent or would like to be one day, start treating your life and making your decisions as if you already have a little one who is looking up to you and depending on you. It is so easy to go through life putting yourself first, but when you identify your greater purpose, your choices will become centered around the best interest of that.
There is often a debate as to at what moment a woman- or man- becomes a parent: Is it at conception or after birth? The answer is that every breath you take and every choice you make effect your child’s life- long before he or she is ever even conceived. Think about that.
Your child will look to you for everything, and thrive from your love and dedication. That love and dedication will not come from “things,” but from your true presence, your nurturing ways, and your sacrifice. I promise you this: Nothing in the world will ever have more value than being blessed with the opportunity to watch your child soundly sleep, or laugh in happiness. Affording your child that depends on you.
That being said, you are human and sometimes you will have “mommy-brain,” and forget an extra onesie at home, lose your keys carrying the baby in the house, or even drive off and leave your entire diaper bag in the parking lot of the zoo (I’ve done all of these things)… but I promise you this: My son knows Mommy will go out of this world for him, because there is nothing in this world that could ever be more important than dedicating every move I make to his health and happiness. How do I know he knows? It’s in his reach for me. It’s in his smile. It’s in his laughter. It’s in his embrace when I wipe his tears. It’s in his obedience when I say, “No.” It’s in his joy when he sees my face. It’s his heart he shows me when he wants to share his pacifier… He is my baby and I am his Mommy, and that will forever be true.