Product Review: Pampers are the way to go!

Whether you are home or on-the-go, there is nothing more frustrating than a diaper that has leaked! Pampers Swaddlers have been the best of all at protecting my baby’s bottom and clothes… And my furniture, car, nerves, etc. Plus, the little blue line to signal when they are wet is a convenient bonus I found that I missed when I used other brands.

As your baby starts to crawl and walk, Pampers Cruisers are my favorite. They are durable and keep my little one dry, without leaking- even throughout the night.

Most important tip: Diaper size! My little one is really a mini giant so he was already in size 5 diapers at 9 months, but along the way, I learned how important diaper-fit is. A little bigger is always better than too small. You don’t want the diaper too tight and scratching up their little thighs, and too small means more leaks. I know you want your baby to stay tiny forever, but going up in diaper size won’t add years to your munchkin; it will just help to keep them dry and their clothes clean. Pampers are the way to go!