Perfect In My Eyes

Although having biracial children is more common than it was years ago, I still experience “looks” when I am out with my children, Kiylin (5 years old) and Demi (9 months). While I cannot control the judgment of those in society, I can have a positive impact on how I explain identity to my daughters. Kiylin often questions why she looks “white” like me while her dad is black, or why her sister is darker than she is. As a mother, it is my responsibility to teach my children to be proud of her roots and who they are, and to look past color, even when society still has yet to be able to do so. I still get approached by people who have asked about my children, “Are they yours?” or, ” Are you the nanny?” and even, “Are you sure he’s her dad?? You would think her hair would be nappy…” I keep my composure for the sake of my children, but inside I’m screaming. The ignorance of these questions could not be more offensive to a mother. Every day it is my mission to teach my children we are all equal, and although it can be confusing, we embrace who we are because they are perfect.


Your fellow Backboard Mommy,

Katherine King