Mommy Tip: “No” Is A Good Thing!

Ok, so here’s my first mommy tip… When your grandmother, mother-in-law, aunt, cousin, sister, the random lady in the grocery store… tells you not to give your baby everything he or she wants, LISTEN TO THEM. *sighs* They aren’t lying-this time- guys.
I have created a monster, and I keep looking for excuses for the little terrorist. If she kicks the sitter, I just make up excuses like, “Aw, the baby wants to be in karate.” Or, if she screams really loud for her fruit snacks that are in the cabinet, I will respond with, “Aw, mommy’s baby wants to be a singer.” I’m the liar this time, fellow mommies; it’s just not true! She doesn’t want to be a singer or take up karate, she’s just plain old spoiled! It’s my fault. 🙁
Don’t follow in my foot steps… Just teach your baby the word, “No.” I know they are so hard to say it to, especially when they are so freaking cute, but trust me, it will make your lives so much easier!