Product Review: Hot Tot Curl Serum

Hot Tot Curl Serum

My son is known for his full head of hair… Because many people describe it as “crazy,” I joke that because he is a mixed baby, his hair is a little confused and still trying to figure out if it wants to be straight or curl up. While the top of his hair has a slight wave and curl, the hair on the sides and back of his head- minus one “puff” that sticks out- are stick straight. I had no idea what kind of product could tame his wild mane, and I did not want to use any chemicals, or have sticky, styling products that gave that crisp, hairspray look.
The answer: Hot Tot Curl Serum!! The entire Hot Tot line is amazing, but the Curl Serum is what I use for my son’s hair. It is natural, safe, and the perfect consistency to tame the “puff” and offer a smooth, natural look. It is also hypoallergenic and smells great. Although I will always consider my baby flawless, Hot Tot is my go-to product for when he wakes up looking nothing short of crazy… but perfect. 🙂