The Snap Back Is Real .. by: Ylleya Fields

The snap back is real and I can thank God and my mom for those amazing genes. But, I also work hard at making sure that my belly doesnt have signs of the four babies that I have. That’s not as easy as it looks. I have a diastasis recti that I developed after the birth of my third child. I couldn’t understand why a year later I still looked like I was four months pregnant. In case you dont know what a diastasis recti is, it’s the medical term for when your stomach muscles separate and it usually happens to women during pregnancy (though that isnt the only time it can occur). Let’s just say I had never even heard of it before I developed one and I was devasted to say the least when I realized that my stomach would never be “flat” again. I went to several docs that told me the only way to fix it would be through surgery, particularly through a tummy tuck. Tummy tuck, say what??? Keep in mind I was 109 lbs at the time. The thought of having that scared me more than the diastasis itself. So I decided to just live with it, even though honestly I was miserable. My friends and family all tried to reassure me by saying, “Oh it doesn’t look that bad”. Um, who wants to be a part of the “not that bad” club, certainly not me. After my fourth baby I decided to do some more research and found that by binding your belly and doing the Tupler techinique exercises (a special set of exercises created to help close a diastasis), you could make your diastasis almost invisible. And for the last year that’s pretty much what I’ve done daily. Do I have still have days when my tummy bulges. Unfortunately, yes, but that usually is because I haven’t done the exercises for a few days. This, for me, is a lifetime commitment, but I’ll take doing these exercises daily over an unnecessary surgery anyday. So what you see above has come a longggg way, and I’m proud of myself. To any of you who have this problem, I know your pain. For those who have no idea what I’m talking about, consider yourselves blessed. But know that if you do have a diastasis, you dont have to have surgery to get your stomach back. I’m walking proof of it.