Happy Mother’s Day! By: Apryl Jones of Love & Hip Hop

Wow, how the time flies when you have a child. As I look back over my pregnancy process, I can honestly say it was the best experience I’ve ever had in my life. Megzz just turned 9 months and it’s been a fun ride.

Starting off on my journey, when I found out that I was pregnant, I didn’t know what I wanted to do as far as my birthing plan. To be truthfully honest, that was the last thing I had actually thought about, due to the overwhelming emotions of finding out I was pregnant. I guess I was in total shock still from that. lol

Then, I heard of this documentary called, “The Business of Being Born,” directed by Ricky Lake. I decided to take the time and watch it. It changed my life! It informed me, and it made me feel like I had a choice.

I learned a lot about hospitals and things that I thought I knew due to my medical background. Ugh..hunny I was wrong! lol

I learned a lot about the drugs they put into our systems while pregnant, etc. I made a decision not to do that. Now granted, I was always prepared to have a back up plan if something didn’t go right. I would have been ok with that because sometimes we can’t help what our bodies choose to do. I just wanted to do what was best for myself and for my child while I was given the option to do so. I wanted to make the healthiest choice.

A lot of us don’t know that when we go to hospitals we don’t even need an IV;
they put that in our veins automatically.

Then, they start pumping us with pitocin and oxytocin. These are drugs that are already in our system, designed to make our little beings come into this world. But, the hospitals are a business, and they want to make money. So, they put this into our systems intravenously to speed up the birthing process to get you out, and bring another woman in, and the cycle just continues. Have you asked yourself how much of those drugs are enough? How much of those drugs impair you and your child? We normally don’t because we believe what doctors say, but I’m telling you to always ask questions and seek answers!

Women, we all are entitled to have the kind of pregnancy we want. Don’t feel bad for how yours happens or for what you choose. There are so many options. Know that you have to just do what’s best for you, whatever makes you feel good. The choice you choose is the choice you have to live with, no one else. Become informed, become aware, be instinctual, know that we, as women, our bodies were made to do this.

We live by fear, most of us in this world. But, that fear is the same thing that hinders us from the experiences we were made to have. It’s beautiful, being a part of the process, and feeling your child come into this world.

Being aware, feeling the pain… there is so much beauty in that. I tell you, you can do it. I tell you as a woman who has gone through it, the pain you’ll never remember, but the experience you will hold on to forever.