She Gets It From Her Momma!

“Camaraderie is real!” is what my Soul Cycle exercise instructor yelled into her microphone as sweat ran down my face from pedaling my life away. She’s right. Camaraderie is real. It’s a real energy that can be passed on from one person to another, from one mother to another, from one woman to another, from me to my baby, and from you to yours.

The group that I belong to-for the most part – are unbreakable, even standing alone as individuals. I couldn’t even imagine how much good could come of it if we stood together. I mean, really stood together: looked out for one another without even looking and by doing the right thing instead of the easy thing, or by minding our own business as best as we can, and by not judging one another so harshly.

My daughter is 18 months going on 18. She wants to do everything I do: put make up on, pretend to flat iron her hair, put her little feet into my shoes, etc. It brightens my day a little more every time I see her trying to take after me. I want her to learn more than just how to dress nice and get dolled up. I want her to see my generosity and the consideration I have for other people, especially my consideration for other women. I specified my consideration for my fellow woman because that’s something that sometimes we can lose sight of.

Do me a favor… Whether it’s giving your fellow woman a compliment or catching yourself before you speak badly about another woman’s outfit or hair or clothes… Maybe for you, it’s not messing with another woman’s man and focusing more on yourself than anything else… Yep, I said it. Leave her man alone and show some camaraderie, GIRLFRIEND! Lol

Here’s to good women… May we be them, may we know them, MAY WE RAISE THEM.


Backboard Mommy