Smile, Mommy, You are a Supermodel…

Smile, Mommy, you are a supermodel… for real. Have you ever heard the saying, “Take a picture, it lasts longer…” typically used by a woman who is being watched by a man? Well, Mom, your images and the impact of them are so powerful that they do not just “last longer,” but they last forever and effect generations to come. From the moment your baby is in your stomach, they are absorbing your sound, your stress, your love, the exposure to music and how you communicate… Now, I watch my little one mimic my gestures, my words, and more importantly, my behavior.

Being a Mom is the most important job in the world, and there is a responsibility that you take on to teach your child how to become a healthy, well-rounded, adult who excels. Always remember that children are a “sponge,” constantly absorbing your example, for better and for worse.
We will not always be perfect, but always take on the opportunity to rebound from your mistakes so that your child will learn to do that too. This is why your baby is your “backboard.” You can mutually support each other’s growth.

This morning I attempted to do a few push ups at home, and as my 1 year old cracked up laughing at the sight, he then got down on the floor and was trying to do them himself- probably better than me. My baby inspired me to keep going because he was watching. We might not think much of the little things we do around the house, but to our children, they are big. Our examples teach strength, determination, ambition, and most importantly, real love. Your child is a little body of pure love.

Just as my son watches me, I watch him and he is for sure my “mini me,” pretending to talk on the cell phone how I do, he types on my computer the way he has learned from watching me, and he doesn’t say too many words yet, but he for sure talks with his hands, just like his Italian Momma. Watching him learn and grow reminds me that I, too, must continue to grow to be the very best example I can be for him.

On the days where your little one is more than a handful, remember that you are a Supermodel… beautiful for the power inside of you that shines through and is felt in your child’s heart forever, as they pass it on to their own children one day. This is why No One will ever have anything on Momma. *flips hair*


Jennifer Christenson