Product Review: California Baby Shampoo and Body Wash

So I was trying to think of a product to review and truth be told I was stumped. I basically have used the same product for all four of my babies and they’re products that everyone and their mamas know about. So I racked my brain, asking myself, what was a game changer with baby Grey and bammmm it hit me. California Baby Shampoo and Body Wash. Not because it’s a great body wash, although it is; or because it’s hypo allergenic and great for supersensitive skin, which makes it perfect for my baby’s crazy eczema; but because it was the only shampoo that got rid of her cradle cap that she developed when she was 1 1/2 months old. First off let me add that she was/is my only baby that was born with an amazing head of hair. So let’s just say I was a bit traumatized when she developed cradle cap and I basically watched that beautiful hair come out in scaley patches. Now was this the first time I had ever seen cradle cap before; Def not! But Grey’s was persistent, insistent and fricking resistant to everything I tried. And try I did. Actually I was obsessed! So after almost losing my sanity and my new baby smelling like she needed to be sautéed in a skillet, thanks to all of the olive oil I was applying to her hair (don’t judge me), I happened upon this product. Within one wash I saw a small difference, but I thought I was imagining things. After all I wanted something to work sooo badly. By two washes it was evident that I was turning a corner. And by three washes it was gone! So if you know anyone, who is suffering through cradle cap, tell them to try it. I mean you have nothing to lose. Oh and tell them to ditch the olive oil and use baby oil instead. It smells way better and works just the same.

Best Wishes,

Lleya Fields