My Miracle Baby After Cancer by: Brandi Maxiell

The thought of having kids at 24 didn’t cross my mind until the day my doctor told me there is a chance that it could possibly never happen. I was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer at 24. They told me then that if I could get pregnant it would be a struggle to conceive without help. After getting healthy and cancer free, Jason and I tried for almost 2 years and it never happened. We went to an IVF specialist and they believed that it wouldn’t happen and that I needed a donor. From that moment on I would pray and pray to God for a healthy baby boy. I just felt as a woman you are not complete until you’re and then have children. After a failed IVF, it left me devastated, depressed and with a sense of failure, but I didn’t give up. On a snowy day in Detroit, I was flipping through my TV and heard Celine Dion on Oprah. I listened to her struggle with getting pregnant and how many times she failed IVF, and she explained what finally worked. I prayed, prayed and prayed, and followed her steps. BOOM! I was pregnant with my first child. Jason and I were in tears of joy when we received the exciting news. There were times I panicked and worried a lot because I just didn’t want anything to happen. I remember walking in the mall 11 weeks pregnant and ironically a physic said, “Believe and trust in the Lord and you will be fine.” From that moment on I truly let go of all my fears and embraced and enjoyed every minute of being pregnant. It wasn’t easy for me to have my baby boy, and it still isn’t easy for me to conceive, so I cherished every day of that moment just in case that would have been my only moment of becoming pregnant. I would write in a journal every night and do scrapbooks as much as I could. I could say that I had the best pregnancy ever compared to the horror stories from other women. I didn’t get sick or have crazy cravings. I felt normal with just feeling like I looked like a whale lol. I was pregnant during lockout season, so my husband was able to be there every single day of my pregnancy. Overall, I truly can say I have been blessed to have such a beautiful, smart baby boy. He is a blessing and a gift from God for my family and me.