Through Your Eyes

Sometimes I sit back and stare at Jada and wonder what it’s like to see the world through her eyes. How big everything must seem to her. It amazes me how the smallest things excite her and I imagine how much hope her heart must be filled with.

I wish I could go back to those days, when everything seemed right in the world and my heart and mind weren’t so tainted. There is a saying that goes, “you don’t change the world, the world changes you.” For many people the world changes them far too early in life. That was true for me as well.

I want Jada to stay as pure as possible, for as long as possible. Ironically Jada has done more for my growth as a woman than I could have ever expected from a 19 month old baby. I had become so jaded. Luckily, Jada replaced jaded and therefore miracles aren’t mundane anymore. She taught me that love at first sight isn’t exclusive to fairytales.

In return, when my baby girl is crying and it may seem as though the world is coming to an end because of her first broken heart or because something in her life didn’t go as planned, I’ll dry her tears and assure her, with confidence that everything will be ok. Miracles don’t have to be mundane and fairytales do really exist because she is mine.