Product Review: Mylanta

With summer around the corner, I would imagine that most of my fellow mommies will be at the pool with their babies pretty often. We all know how sensitive our babies’ skin can be at times.

Just the other day, baby Jada went for a swim and ended up with a slight rash on her vagina! I know right??! The worst place ever to experience irritation, even for an adult!

I texted my mom immediately and hung up on her because she couldn’t give me an answer fast enough ! Just a few moments later my mom researched what to do and she called back with a cure ! Lol

The cure is called Mylanta! I know it sounds like such an awkward solution since that’s not the purpose of this product. I lightly dabbed Mylanta on a cotton swab and gently applied it to the affected areas. After two times of applying it to the affected area my baby’s goodies were as good as new!