A Mommy Not So Far Away By: Rachael McQueen Robertson

How many of us moms as children would play with our dolls pretending they were our babies? Always eager to change or feed “the baby.” As we became mothers we quickly learned that being a mommy took a lot more out of us than a quick diaper change or the 2am feedings. However, the feeling we got after seeing that first smile or hearing the happy coos was worth every hour of sleep we lost.

As a young woman, it was always my dream to finish college, get married, have a successful career and start a family. Does this timeline sound familiar to anyone? For many women we fantasize about our future lives without ever realizing how very different our reality may turn out to be. Being a mommy was nothing like my fantasy! It was so much more rewarding and I believe that my beautiful baby boy while only being 4 months has revealed my true calling. I have embraced the word “mommy” like I never knew I would and I believe I was created to bring him in the world. He is the driving force in all I do.

Living in the small twin island of Trinidad and Tobago does not make motherhood any different from any part of the world. In fact I believe it is the universal word ‘mommy’ that is the common thread that connects us all. If we were all put in a room blindfolded and heard the echo of a child calling mommy wouldn’t we all t urn around. It does not matter how close or far we live, we are all bonded not by the fact that we played with dolls or fantasized about our future; but by the fact that we all have realized that we are so much fulfilled by the role we all share as mothers than that of our individual lives.

From one mommy to another….Here is a round of applause for a job well done!