Love to the Lovers

“I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.” -Martin Luther King Jr.

This particular quote spoke volumes to me as I came across it in my daily stroll through Instagram. It wasn’t the first time I read this quote from our great Martin Luther King Jr. However, this time in particular it touched me in a different way. I wasn’t having the best day, but this lifted my mood to say the least. It silenced my angry thoughts. In that moment, I realized that a lot of times when someone throws hate or “shade” at you, it is better to throw back love and “sunshine.” The great King says, “You cannot drive out hate with hate, only love can do that.” It takes incredible strength to remain peaceful in the midst of such controversy.

I don’t believe that this month of black history is solely to be celebrated by African Americans. I truly believe it’s a time that can provide every race with an opportunity to unify and recognize such peace makers as Dr. King. I see it as a time to remind everyone that dreams really do come true. After eight years in office it still sounds crazy at times when I hear “MY president is black.” After all this time, when I hear of OUR black president and what WE have accomplished I still get this prideful grin on my face. February is the month of unity AND LOVE (every woman knows that! 💌).

Oprah suggest that the world has tainted the idea of “love” so much that most people fail to recognize it unless “it shows up wrapped in our own personal fantasy.” She goes on to tell her readers that “love is all around us. It’s possible to love and be loved, no matter where you are. Love exists in all forms. It is always available for the asking.”

With that being said, this month in celebration of love and unity I am giving away a $1k gift card to Target to one single super mom in need. Please send in a brief entry to explaining how this act of love will change your February.

With Love,

Backboard Mommy