Be True To Yourself

The last few mornings I’ve found myself setting small daily goals. Sometimes I fall short of those goals but it never stops me from repeating new goals the next morning. As I lay in bed and the sun fights it’s way thru my bedroom shades I can’t stop thinking about one lesson I want my daughter to carry with her through life. Four simple words that most people struggle with their whole lives. “Be true to yourself.” Know who you are and who you are not. Try your best not to lie to people but more importantly try really really hard not to lie to yourself.

Staying true to ones self takes practice and constant effort. When I fall short some days I try to uplift my spirits by reminding myself who I am and what I stand for. I’m a woman (a strong one), I’m a mother (a caring one), I’m a sister (a protective one), I’m a daughter (a kind one), I’m a friend (a giving one). It’s easy to lose yourself as you grow through life so you have to always remain your biggest fan, even on your shitty days. Trust me, we all have them. Each day that you wake up remember that yesterday is gone and today you have another chance. So as the sun shines into your bedroom in the morning open your mind not only your eyes and make a decision at that moment that today I will do my best to remain true to myself.

Backboard Mommy