How I Found Out

August 24, 2014… My friend had flown into Chicago and wanted to go to the movies. It was sweltering hot and I was exhausted, so when she insisted we stop in Walgreens next door to the theater to get cookies, all I could say was, “You cannot be serious right now, Silvia.” Oh, and she also insisted that I take a pregnancy test…
Although my boyfriend and I wanted a baby, I never in a million years expected that I was pregnant. Just a few weeks prior, I was at the doctor for polycystic ovaries, which effect fertility. The doctor had even reiterated that for me to get pregnant, it would likely require a little help with fertility treatment. I share this lightly now, but for the couple years prior of knowing that fertility was a challenge for me, I was devastated. I prayed for a miracle all the time. My prayers, however, did not stop me from telling Silvia that I wasn’t wasting 20 bucks on a negative pregnancy test.
Her response: “Please, just take it! Won’t it be so funny if you found out you were pregnant while I was here?!”
I obliged for her memory…
We went into Walgreens and while Silvia got her cookies, I picked up a pregnancy test. Of course, I wasn’t going to be able to sit through a movie with a test in my bag, so I used the Walgreens bathroom with Silvia outside the stall. Instantly, I saw a full fledged “X” on the stick. In my mind, “X” meant, “Nope! Better luck next time.”
I opened the stall and showed Silvia the stick and said, “See! No baby!”
If you could have seen her face… “Jennifer!!!!! That is a plus sign!!!!!!! You are pregnant!!!!!! I knew it!!!!!”
Wait. What?
“No, I’m not. That’s impossible!” I told her.
“Yes, you are!!! Take another one!!!”
I hadn’t been feeling well, so trying to figure out what these sticks meant was something I could not even comprehend at the moment, but because she was freaking out, I took the other test in the package.
Again, a “Plus sign” (now I knew it wasn’t an X because I was sure not to hold it crooked… I had just never seen this before!). My heart started to pound.
I showed her the second stick.
“Oh my God! Oh my God!!! You’re pregnant!!!!!” she was screaming! lol
I still didn’t really believe her, so I snatched my pee sticks from her and said, “Give me those! I’m going to ask somebody!”
I literally ran through Walgreens up to every woman in the store who seemed like a Mom and said, “What does this mean!?!?!?”
“Oh, that’s positive!” They would say.
I took it to the pharmacist. “What does this say?!!”
“That is a positive pregnancy test, Ma’am,” he told me.
NO FUCKING WAY!!!!!!!!!! was all I could think as I literally continued to run through the store showing random people my pee sticks.
Finally, I took them to the cashier. “Hi. Do you know what this stick says?” I asked him.
His reply: “Honey, I’m gay, but I know for sure that means you are pregnant!”
I died. My heart and stomach dropped. My palms were sweating. The room was in slow motion and I couldn’t even hear anyone speaking. I was in shock.
My boyfriend had just gone out of town; there was no way I could wait one more minute until he came home, but telling him over the phone just did not seem right.
Now, I started to focus. I needed to get home. I needed to get out of Walgreens and I just needed to sleep.
I was in fact, growing a baby, the love of my life.
We never made that movie… and I haven’t been to one since… If you are a full-time Mommy, you understand why. Lol


Jennifer – Mommy of Backboard Baby Shawn Marion