Backboard Baby?

Becoming a Mom elevates a whole new level of meaning and beauty to your life… Our children become our purpose and basis of our existence. Our journey is selfless, and as we dedicate our lives to teaching and leading our babies, we too, are learning along the way.

Our mission for is to offer a platform where mothers’ around the world can share their stories- joys, stresses, tears, jokes- and collaborate with tips and developing wisdom as we figure out exactly why our own mother’s said, “Mom knows best.”

Now, it is your turn to say it and share it… And to also learn from other moms, and our featured celebrity guest bloggers. All Moms’ have a story to tell and their version of “the truth” of what it is like to be pregnant, deliver a baby, and raise a child.

While we were pregnant, one of the things we always said to each other was, “No one ever told us this would happen!” about so many things we were experiencing for the first time. Now, in honor of our babies- the backboards’ that keep us going in life- we are here to offer support, laughter, and empower women to continue to stand together.


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